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Corporate Sales Portal – Anyone who wants to buy or sell a business knows that they are entering a difficult and usually lengthy process. Even if the first step is often the click on an Internet portal, a “company sales portal”, no one expects to find a “buy” or “shopping cart” button there. The IT portal is only for contacting.

Company sale comparison

For a long time there are also portals with exposés whose purpose is the “business sale comparison”. Their message is clear: choosing the right “company sales portal” is the first challenge. Not everyone who offers his services here is really helpful to the entrepreneur seeking advice here. In fact, a number of portals only serve as a platform for buyer-seller contact. Some, however, offer consultancy or agency contracts after or with the registration, which in the worst case lead to considerable costs without success. In most cases, an entrepreneur is the one.

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Buying or selling a company plans, well advised, to assure the help of an external specialist. However, its duties and remunerations must correspond to the business scope of the company to be valued and, in case of doubt, should be able to assess an owner-managed small business on its own with regard to individual competence.

Company sales advice

Who wants to buy a company, wants to be sure that he pays a reasonable price. This requires insight into the business documents, the scope of which is always a particular problem when sellers and prospects are participants in the same market. An external consultant often receives the more important information. If bankruptcy is to be averted with the sale, it is indispensable to involve the creditor representatives. If the bankruptcy has already taken place, competent advice is indispensable for the buyer in order to avoid the special risks of the situation.

Of particular importance for buyers and sellers is the planning of a possible tax-free acquisition. The tax advantage of capital gains is a wide field and the leading provisions are usually design principles for the purchase agreement. If one considers the possibilities of the transfer of ownership in a “sale of a business”, then one will find that the fundamental choice is only the transfer of shares – share deal – or the sale of assets – asset deal. A consultancy experience in the field of business transfer will suggest the best result, which is realistic in the given circumstances, and assist in its implementation.

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