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▶ Investors from China

Investors from China

… are looking for takeover candidates and majority shareholdings in Germany. Investors from China have increasingly focused on investments for companies in Germany.
China investors in Germany
Market overview of takeovers and majority interests

If you look at the market development in Asia and here especially in Chin

a, there are industries that promise exponential growth for the coming years. For example

Investors from China in Germany

Investors from China focus on the German market

the construction industry. In contrast to the European market, high growth rates are expected in Asienen and especially in China. Why? In China, the majority of the population still lives under one roof over several generations. So it will come in the next few years to a massive change in the construction industry. Young families insist on their independence and want to build a new house as part of their marriage plans. Of course, this process does not only work in-house, but contractors are also commissioned. Just to expect increased sales at these companies. The profits are not only invested in China itself, but the companies invest in Europe and especially in Germany. The simplest case is the investment in land but more and more German companies are being bought. This is not necessarily about the know-how or the operative business of the takeover candidate, but about pure financial flows.

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