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Company Sale – How do I find the right buyer?

Corporate sales is a big challenge for the seller and always a strategic decision for a company. But with the specialists – M & A advisors – of a management consultancy, a project can be successfully implemented. Especially the search for the right investors is a task for the consulting company and its M & A specialists.

How is the right approach, strategy and advice?

With a suitable consulting firm, a strategy for a successful approach can be developed together. In joint discussions, a master plan is drawn up, which defines the individual steps. The entire process to final sale is also known as M & A Mergers & Acquisitions.

Company sale offers

As part of the consulting service, the individual steps are planned by the specialists – M & A consultants -.

Our services for you ..
Company Sale

  • Consulting, planning and organization of national and international sales processes.
  • Preparation of suitable information documents and company presentations.
  • Development and consultation of the ability to sell through the preparation of an expose with company valuation for purchase price determination.
  • Identification, selection and addressing of potential investors.
  • Search for investors to implement insolvency plans and protective screen procedures.
  • Live reporting for clients and creditors.
  • Access to investors and family offices.
  • Controlling – objective preparation of the figures, if necessary by consulting an accountant or tax consultant in cooperation.
  • Advice in the on-site accompaniment of all appointments and negotiations.
  • Implementation of restructuring processes in cooperation with experienced interim managers.

Our experience for you .. national and international leading companies:

The management team of HSC Personalmanagement has taken over consulting, sales and management duties at the following companies:

SAP Germany GmbH

Oracle Germany GmbH

IBM Germany GmbH

Deutsche Telekom AG

Price Waterhouse GmbH

We are a mobile team of specialists – M & A advisors – always on the lookout for better solutions and new developments.

We have a sound scientific education and many years of experience in management positions at corporations, medium-sized companies and management consultancies.

We therefore have the necessary background to manage complicated business transactions.

We at HSC Personalmanagement have years of experience in advising large and medium-sized companies.

But how can we justify your trust as a certified company?

Some points to successful company sales:

1. Be sure with your decision to sell the company!
Do not hesitate when it comes to the notary’s appointment.
Go targeted during the entire sales process in front.
2. A company sale takes on average one to three years!
Important here is the enterprise value determination, for example, according to the capitalized earnings method.
But only the formation of a fair market price leads to a successful sale.
Therefore, we can only define the optimal sales price together with you in conversation, considering the specifics of your company.
3. Creating an attractive company exposé
In addition to the economic indicators, this also includes the history of your company – present – and future considerations.
4. We advise you to find the right buyer
– Individuals – Competitors – Financial investors –
5. Individual release of the expose: Only to serious by our house agreed with you.
6. Start of the trusting talks …

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