How Apple will change the eyewear market

Apple’s AR glasses: How Apple will change the glasses market …

Apple’s glasses: How Apple will change the glasses market …

Apple glasses – the sparrows are already whistling from the roofs. Apple will enter the optician market with its glasses. Apple rounds off its range of offers. Not only the iPhone, but also the iWatch have already revolutionized the markets. Who does not know Steve Jobs’ famous phrases: “One More Thing”. The same will happen to the eyewear market. In addition to the Apple fan base, the company is also expecting a huge market of new customers. This innovation will certainly pay off for the group. That is why opticians and eyewear manufacturers should adapt quickly to the process.

What we already know about Apple glasses ..

Many properties are still unconfirmed. But the following unconfirmed statements can already be found in the press: Smart glasses with integrated camera and AR display 5G support is a foundation All data is processed on the iPhone similar to the first generation of Apple Watch and passed on to the glasses. An Apple smartphone is also a requirement. The frame of the AR glasses can hardly be distinguished from normal glasses. The prototype is made of plastic, but other materials could be used for the final product. A single LiDAR sensor is integrated into the housing on the right side of the glasses, there are no cameras. It is operated with gestures on the frame and in front of the glasses. The representations on the displays are only visible to the wearer. The glasses are loaded wirelessly using a special glasses stand.

Source: Maximilian Schreiner

What we suspect …

At the beginning there will be a dependency between the iPhone and the glasses. The intelligence will run in the iPhone and the glasses will be a pure output medium. Over time, the Apple glasses, like the iWatch, will be able to develop their full effect independently and without contact with the iPhone. Even though the glasses themselves will initially not be able to keep up with the high-quality glasses of the opticians, they can be expected to adjust to the standards in the following years.

How the market for glasses and for opticians will develop

When Apple enters a market with technology, it is fundamentally revolutionized. Former players such as Nokia at iWatch will disappear from the market. The same thing happened at iWatch. In Switzerland, known to be the market leader in watches, the market has completely changed:

For some, unnecessary, overpriced tech frills, for others a lifestyle gadget and status symbol. Apple sells more watches in Switzerland than the entire Swiss watch industry, which sold 21.1 million pieces worldwide in 2019. In 2018, Switzerland was even bigger on the watch market with brands such as Swatch, Tissot or Tag Heuer, and then the U-turn came in 2019 – also because Swiss companies had to accept a minus of 13 percent last year.

What we recommend to market participants as management consultants ..

As an optician and glasses manufacturer, HSC Personalmanagement recommends that you closely monitor the market. If possible, offer services related to Apple glasses. Also consider a company succession or a company sale. The pressure on market participants will definitely increase. You can only start a long-term successful project if you approach the M&A consultants at an early stage. So the sale of your company is still secured at a good price.

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